Bloomwall Vertical Plant Rack gives you a touch of organization, ease of access, and tilt of happiness as you kiss your planting aches and pains goodbye! The SavvyGrow Vertical Garden Planter racks pair with our BloomWall Planter to give you an allaround ease and bring life into your home in a modern and clean decor style.

BloomWall Vertical Planter Rack (Extendable)

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  • ONLY WORKS WITH BLOOMWALL VERTICAL PLANTER PRODUCTS: This rack holds a maximum of 6 BloomWall Vertical Wall Garden Planter products and connects them to all work seamlessly as one system. When you've set up your planter arrangement, simply add water to the top (closest to the ceiling) BloomWall and the water will flow through all planters. Vertical positioning works great for this.
  • ORGANIZED PLANT RACKS: For every plant lover out there, this accessory was designed with you in mind! Regardless if you are an outdoor or indoor planter this rack will help organize and tidy all your plants while hosting them together in one location. You'll be saving space and time every day when you've got the BloomWall Rack in your home! 
  • SENSE OF SPACE: Are you ready to have guests over and not need to clean up or rearrange your entire home because you have too many plant pots everywhere? Well, worry no more... the BloomWall Rack is here! This rack not only saves you space but it also saves you time and energy running around your home trying to remember where all your pots are to ensure you've watered them for the day.
  • EASIER PLANTING: If you're a true planter, you've probably experienced a bit of back pain from bending over tending to your plants' needs. Say it with me, goodbye aches and pains and hello zen! This rack gives every user the ability to adjust the height of your plants to your liking. Need the rack closer to the ground, you got it! Need the rack higher up, you got it! We spent a lot of time and consideration building the perfect plant rack product for everyone. 
  • NEED TO STACK MORE BLOOMWALL? NOT A PROBLEM: You can extend BloomWall Rack's with our BloomWall Rack Extension to add 3 more sets of BloomWall Vertical Wall Garden Planters. That will give you a total of 9 more sets of BloomWall for you!