About Us

SavvyGrow was founded out of a father's love for plants and a single objective: to make gardening effortless and undemanding, while leading the way for Hydroponics by giving the people the power to grow their own foods in the comfort of their own home.  

Every idea starts with a problem. Ky's was simple: he loved growing plants, but was just too busy to take care of them. Weeding and watering was a chore and making sure the plants were genuinely healthy required a lot of energy (I'm sure you can relate). Most of us gardeners have the same concerns, and it became Ky's mission to find a solution.

So SavvyGrow was Ky's smart way of giving gardeners the power to grow healthy plants, with much less work. SavvyGrow gives gardeners the opportunity to get the same results, without all the tedious extras. 

What was time-consuming, is now no longer a problem. There's no soil or weeding with Hydroponics.

Fruits & vegetables that you had to buy in a store, you can now grow in the comfort of your own home.

Plants you had to remember to water, now water themselves. Not to mention that Hydroponic systems use 90% less water.

That's the difference with SavvyGrow.

With BloomWall or one of our Hydroponic Kits, you can grow beautiful plants - inside your own home, on the wall, the balcony or outside. The choice is yours.

With video tutorials and eBooks we’ve designed our products so that it’s refreshingly simply to start growing, so easy to use you’ll be a pro before you know it.

Whether you’d like to grow your own food - saving tons on those grocery bills. Create a beautiful flowers without spending all your time working way, or simply just add some life to your home - SavvyGrow gives you everything you need, so that you can start growing, all year round.