SavvyGrow sprung to life out of one father's love of plants.

SavvyGrow sprung to life out of one father's love of plants. Surrounding ourselves with living, breathing foliage brings a certain freshness to life. But amidst such busy lifestyles, some of us have difficulty dedicating enough time to help our gardens stay alive, much less thrive. We realized early on that if busy parents and professionals were to succeed at keeping their green garden friends happy, they would have to find an alternative to the more common and laborious flat ground gardens. Thus, Savvy Grow was born.

We have developed alternative gardening systems that make planting and growing virtually effortless. Our products, such as our BloomWall Vertical Wall Garden Planter, deliver endless home and garden possibilities. With the option to mount either horizontally, or vertically up a wall, our self-watering systems include clear instructions and all the hardware necessary to have you growing in a jiff.

And not only do our systems help you grow beautiful greenery, vivacious flowers, or delectable edibles, we also play an integral role in improving your health. Our modern lifestyles are filled with Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC's) emitted from refrigerators, air conditioners, cleaning products, cosmetics, and carpets. SavvyGrow gardens help to remove harmful VOC's from your environment, thus restoring your weakened immune systems to better health.

Save space, grow your own food and improve your health. With SavvyGrow, we will help you develop low maintenance gardens by showing you how to grow smarter.

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