How To Fix A Muddy Yard

Having a natural grass lawn can look so pretty when it’s brand new. But regular family usage turns into wear and tear. And your once-pretty lawn is pretty no more. Worn and torn.

Not only has your natural grass lost its nice looking aesthetic, it is now the source of mess. Think about the mud?


Natural grass lawns develop dips and swales over time, and these turn into puddles when it rains. These soils do not drain efficiently, even under the best of circumstances, making it easy for water to accumulate on your lawn. Natural grass also develops divots and deeper holes from repeated wear.

Also if you have pets, dog urine, especially from females, can kill natural grass, leaving sizable yellow patches or bare spots.

Stomping in puddles is great fun when you’re five years old. But as an adult homeowner, puddles is your worst nightmare. If only you’d switched to artificial turf.

SavvyGrow Artificial turf banishes your grassy nightmare forever, replacing it with a homeowner’s dream come true. A lawn that looks as pretty-perfect as your natural grass did on day one. And stays that way. Lush, smooth surface. Uniformly emerald green. Tough as nails but soft underfoot. Sounds relaxing right?

Whether you want something for the kids, dogs, outdoor living areas, or nothing more than lovely landscape, we have a superior-quality artificial grass for you.

No puddles, thanks to exacting professional installation that starts underground to give your artificial turf a solid foundation and assure fast, reliable drainage no matter what. Your yard looks great, and your house stays cleaner!


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