BloomWall - Self Watering Vertical Planter with Hanging Bracket

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  • SAVVY EDGE TECHNOLOGY: Most plant owners are looking for a cutting-edge design plus a self-sustaining planter that fits perfectly into busy lifestyles. SavvyGrow hanging planter owners just that! With our vertical garden planter, you can stack more pots, forget about watering (it is self-watering), enjoy a design that fits well with all decor styles, and enjoy one system that works no matter how many BloomWalls you have.
  • PAINLESS PLANTING: With a built-in self-watering system and water level indicator, the BloomWall keeps your plants fresh, full of nutrition, and gives you an indication of when you should be refilling the water levels. Enjoy leaving for vacation because now, you can come home to healthy looking plants worry free!
  • EXPANDABLE DESIGN: This wall planter can be used either as a standalone product or you can connect two or more together. Another great thing about this high-quality modern design is you can choose to hang your planters horizontally or vertically. The BloomWall brings life to any room big or small. 
  • IMPROVES WELL-BEING: Do you love to grow mint, chive, bay, rosemary, parsley, basil, pepper, or flowers in your home? The BloomWall gives you the ability to enjoy salads all year long from your home wall garden. Say goodbye to harmful Volatile Organic Chemicals in our environment when you add a BloomWall to your home.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We live and breathe quality, so expect the same from our products. Each material used is of the highest standards and we are confident that you will be amazed by our vertical garden the minute you get it set up in your home. Add the BloomWall to your cart today! 

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  • After day 2 I see a drooping of the leaves. Have the nutrients as they should be as well as the PH at 6.1.
    Any ideas ??


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