BloomWall – Self Watering Vertical Planter

Think about water. Plants need water for photosynthesis, where carbon dioxide and water are made into carbohydrates and oxygen. Water is also used to transport nutrients through the plant and the cells in a plant contain a lot of water.  If you have forgotten to water your plants, the leaves will be brown but dried around the edges or curled up.

SavvyGrow got a solution to your problem, Introducing the BloomWall Self Watering  Vertical Planter! If you regularly forget to water plants, the BloomWall system does it for you; with a convenient water level indicator that takes out the guesswork.

Truly creates a beautiful, effortless indoor herb garden or living wall inside your home, balcony, or garden, with our tough ABS planters; and brighten up any dull empty space.

SavvyGrow has developed alternative gardening systems that make planting and growing virtually effortless. Our products, deliver endless home and garden possibilities. Save space, grow your own food and improve your health. With SavvyGrow, we will help you develop low maintenance gardens by showing you how to grow smarter.

BloomWall – Self Watering Vertical Planter

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