Benefits of Artificial Grass – For Dogs and Garden

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Everybody is dreaming of a perfect garden, but also, we all want to make life easier for ourselves, particularly when it comes to maintaining our home. Just like cat owners know not to keep plants in the house, dog owners know their grass will never be greener- unless it’s artificial grass.

On top of the seasonal and miscellaneous challenges of growing and maintaining a luscious natural lawn, many people are turning to the artificial grass as a solution to their lawn woes. As it saves countless hours and money, it can help to improve one’s own lifestyle as well as the impact on the environment overall.

Here are some benefits:

Artificial Grass For Dogs and Garden


Save Time, Money and Water
Artificial grass saves you money on water, it saves up to 55 gallons of water per year
and the average owner of natural grass will spend 2.8 hours a week on lawn care.


Artificial Grass For Dogs and Garden
Maintenance Friendly
Although it is not 100% maintenance free, they can be easily cleaned or rinsed with water. It requires no mowing, fertilizing, reseeding or watering.



Benefits of Artificial GrassNatural Looking Lushness
Artificial grass can withstand almost all weather conditions. In high wear and tear areas such as children’s play areas, animal runs, artificial grass can be ideal, it will continue to stay green and closely resemble a real lawn.



Dogs Love ItBenefits of Artificial Grass – For Dogs and Garden
Dogs love to play outside on the lawn, and having artificial grass at your house is perfect! It can cope up with your dog’s needs, artificial grass has drainage holes for fast hosing off doggy-do. Keeping the area sanitary, and prevent the potential smell.

SavvyGrow has developed alternative gardening systems that make planting and growing virtually effortless. Our products, deliver endless home and garden possibilities. Save space, grow your own food and improve your health. With SavvyGrow, we will help you develop low maintenance gardens by showing you how to grow smarter.

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  • I like that artificial grass has drainage holes so you can keep it clean. I have been considering getting an artificial lawn because I don’t like yard work, but I had a few concerns about cleaning up after my pets. Knowing that it can be hosed off, it sounds like a great option for me.

    Lyla Peterson

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